Introduction to Sumatra

1. Material features and benefits:

S:CRAFT’s white teak is of the finest quality timber and is of a beautiful silvery colour with tight grains and high dimensional stability making it an ideal wood for joinery and carpentry and this includes shutter production.


The new Sumatra range is manufactured from White Teak grown on the island of Kolombangara in the Solomon Islands which nurtures several protected forest as well as a plantation area of 14,330 hectares planted with mixed indigenous and exotic commercial wood species.

2. Frames and Panels:


Large range of frames available

3. Stiles:

Please note the stiles are manufactured in a beaded stile. The stile has a depth of 25.4mm, and engineered stiles are reinforced by using multiple layers of wood bonded together ensure that the panel does not twist or warp

4. Louvres:

Sumatra is available in 32mm, 47mm, 64mm, 76mm, 89mm, 114mm elliptical louvres and in 60mm and 84mm flat louvres.

5. Special shapes:

Linear and curved special shapes are available.

6. Colour palette:

There are a total of 28 contemporary colours available and the swatch is the same swatchas your Bermuda/LarchWood/BassWood swatch.
A choice of 20 stains is also available

Louvre Size Width Height
Minimum Maximum Minimum Maximum Mid rail
Single hung Bi-fold hinged shutter/ Multi-fold with Top and Bottom track Multi-fold hinged shutters & multi-fold with Top track only Required if
32mm 152mm 400mm 400mm 400mm 250mm 3000mm H>1981mm
47mm 152mm 750mm 250mm 3000mm H>1981mm
60mm 152mm 890mm 250mm 3000mm H>1981mm
63mm 152mm 890mm 660mm 550mm (No. of panels ≤ 4) 250mm 3000mm H>1981mm
76mm 152mm 890mm 250mm 3000mm H>1981mm
84mm 152mm 890mm 250mm 3000mm H>1981mm
89mm 152mm 1047mm 250mm 3000mm H>1981mm
114mm 152mm 1047mm 250mm 3000mm H>1981mm