Introduction to Bermuda
Material features and benefits:


Bermuda is an MDF shutter with ABS louvres which is painted so that it closely resembles the finish of a painted hardwood shutter. 28 contemporary colours are available in the range.


Bermuda is coated in a paintable polypropylene sleeve which is very hardwearing and helps to protect the shutter from changes in ambient temperature and this reduces the likelihood of in-situ moisture changes and the risk of warping and twisting.


All of S:CRAFT’s MDF is produced from managed plantation Radiata Pine forests that reach maturity in about 30 years. This MDF is viewed favourably as substitutes for tropical hardwoods which take close to 200 years to reach maturity. 70% of the MDF manufacturing energy requirements on site are for producing heat and as the plant generates almost all of its own heat requirement by burning wood residues this is very energy efficient. This is a form of bio fuel and is considered greenhouse gas neutral under the Kyoto protocol.

Frames, stiles, panels and louvres


Over 30 different frames are available in the range.


Please note the stiles are manufactured in a beaded stile. The engineered stiles are reinforced by using multiple layers of wood bonded together ensure that the panel does not twist or warp


Bermuda is available in 47mm, 64mm, 76mm 89mm, 114mm louvres. Due to the louvres being manufactured in ABS the panel weight of the shutter has been reduced. The means that single hung panels can now be up 915mm wide as of 64mm while multiple panels are available up to 610mm in width.
NB the number of panels that can be hinged together remains a bi-fold. Over and above the shutters must be tracked. Please see the panel limitations chart.

Special shapes:

Linear special shapes are available.

Colour palette:

There are a total of 28 contemporary colours available and the swatch is the same swatch as used for the Fiji/Sumatra ranges. Some older swatches may be marked LarchWood/BassWood.

Louvre Size Width Height
Minimum Maximum Minimum Maximum Mid rail
Single hung Bi-fold hinged shutter/ Multi-fold with Top and Bottom track Required if
47mm 152mm 610mm 610mm 250mm 3378mm H>1981mm
63mm 152mm 915mm 250mm 3378mm H>1981mm
76mm 152mm 915mm 250mm 3378mm H>1981mm
89mm 152mm 915mm 250mm 3378mm H>1981mm
114mm 152mm 915mm 250mm 3378mm H>1981mm