The Antigua is our entry-level product manufactured in MDF covered in an extruded polypropylene coating, offering exactly the same levels of quality but with reduced colour options and installation capabilities. Antigua is only available in 5 white painted colours and due to its weight is not suitable for larger unsupported window installations. The maximum number of panels that can be hinged together is 2.


Manufactured using a patented polymer coating the shutters are extremely durable and easyto maintain. The Antigua shutters have a slight shinier look and a slight orange peel finish due to the polymer coating. Painted shutters have a flatter finish.

Frames and Panels:

Limited range of frames available.


Please note the stiles are manufactured in a beaded stile.


Antigua is available in 47mm, 63mm, 76mm, 89mm, elliptical louvres.

Special Shapes:

Limited special shapes are available.
Only linear special shapes as curved special shapes cannot be manufactured in the Antigua.

Colour palette:

There are a total of 5 shades of white available. Custom colour is not available.

Louvre Size Width Height
Minimum Maximum Minimum Maximum Mid rail
Single hung Bi-fold hinged shutter/ Multi-fold with Top and Bottom track Required if
47mm 152mm 600mm 600mm 250mm 3000mm H>1879mm
63mm 152mm 750mm 250mm 3000mm H>1879mm
76mm 152mm 750mm 250mm 3000mm H>1879mm
89mm 152mm 750mm 250mm 3000mm H>1879mm
114mm 152mm 750mm 250mm 3000mm H>1879mm